Have you ever found yourself...

  • Hiding in the bathroom during social settings to avoid making conversation or any kind of social interaction?

  • Shrinking back or hiding in the back of the room to avoid speaking in front of a small audience or being called on?

  • Avoiding dates, networking opportunities, or fun social events because you're too anxious or worried about what the outcome might be?

  • Cancelling plans last minute, or making excuses to your friends as to why you can't be somewhere; all because your anxiety is "acting up again"

If so, then there's a good chance you've probably felt alone in your struggles.

But the truth is: There are 15 million other people in the world battling with social anxiety just like you.

Yet despite there being so many others with the same problem, maybe you've still felt isolated in your struggles and completely misunderstood.

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You may have thought to yourself...

  • "It's not that I don't like people, or don't want to be around them"

  • "It's not that I don't want to stand out or be seen as a leader in my field..."

  • "It's not that I'm trying to come across as cold, insensitive, or uninterested..."

  • In fact, maybe you've had a longing to break free from the crippling insecurities that keep you playing small or standing on the sidelines.

"Just be yourself and you'll be alright."

Have you heard this before from well meaning people in your life? I'm sure most of us have. But if you're prone to social anxiety... well, that's easier said than done.

If you're anything like the 15 million other people struggling with social anxiety, there's a good chance that you've tried that advice already! (ummm...doesn't work!) 

Yes, you may "be yourself" with family, friends, and colleagues but that's not the problem. Your problem has a name: It's called social anxiety.

Despite being surrounded by others who may also struggle with the same, you sometimes feel like you're the only one who's awkward or different... "too much" of something and "not enough" of another.

What if I told you there was another way you could relate to your social anxiety?

One where you felt confident, empowered, and at ease no matter what environment you were in or what is going on in your life?

Sound too good to be true? 

I hear ya. 

It wasn't that long ago that I was in the same boat as you... 

Feeling crippled by my social anxiety and weighed down with the constant chatter of anxious thoughts in my head.

I canceled plans, changed my schedule, avoided conversations, declined invitations, let phone calls go to voicemail, made up many excuses and hid behind my husband at social events (not literally, but just about!). 

And even when I mustered up the courage to attend a big social event, I'd sometimes turn the car around halfway there!

I was addicted to predictability.

Think you have problems?! 

Believe me, I had all of them!

And worse, I noticed one of my kids was headed in the same direction.  

Unknowingly, I had been a poor model on how to deal with anxiety and even worse was the fact that I unconsciously imposed "social rules" on those I loved.

Subconsciously, the messages I was delivering were...

  • "Stay in and be safe."

  • "Don't talk too much or too little."

  • "Small talk is overrated."

  • "People will judge you."

  • "Never go to an event unaccompanied."

  • "You're not really missing out when you'd rather stay home anyway!"

  • ...and so on and so forth. If you can relate, even in a small way, you're probably laughing or crying right now (or both!)

Sometimes the things we do to keep ourselves "seemingly" safe and away from discomfort are funny.

When they stop being funny is when you want your life to get BIGGER and more colorful but abandon the idea and instead plan your life around your anxiety. 

Perhaps you want to start a business, ask for a promotion, talk to your boss with ease, nail an interview, take a local class or be more spontaneous and in the moment.

Perhaps you want to realize a life long dream and you are ready to take it on.

That's what happened to me. I spent years hiding and avoiding attention. I made myself small so I wouldn't be noticed (which of course meant I also played small in life!).

It wasn't until I had ENOUGH and realized how much of my life was carefully assembled around my level of anxiety that I decided to do something about it.

That's when I got serious (and not-so-serious) about my social anxiety and I decided to tackle it head-on. 

I began reading books, going to seminars, therapy, hired other coaches and I started investing in every form of personal development you could imagine. I became an expert in social anxiety and most importantly in my "SELF".

And let me tell you, the transformation was D-R-A-S-T-I-C. 

I went from being that person who dreaded raising their hand in a classroom full of people, to confidently being able to speak up, stand out, have my voice be heard and have my input count!


Allow me to introduce myself

Hello, my name is Nancy and I work with quiet, shy or socially anxious people as well as introverted women in business.

I'm a...

Certified Life And Personal Development Coach through the ICF, Accomplishment Coaching and The Life Coach School.

Former painfully-shy-introvert-turned-thriving-woman-preneur and Quiet Influencer

...and someone who can help YOU overcome social anxiety so that you can live your life to the fullest, accomplish your goals and dreams, and live the life you've always imagined unencumbered by doubt and worry.

And I'm no different than you... If I can overcome social anxiety and build a successful coaching practice (all without avoiding people!), believe me, you can too!
Show me how!

How would you like to have the confidence to...

  • Enter a room full of people and speak up with ease and confidence without feeling self-conscious or paralyzed by fear

  • Feel completely undeterred by other people because YOU know who you are and what you have to bring to the table

  • Have the unwavering determination to set and accomplish your goals, even though you've been plagued with social anxiety for as long as you can remember

  • Significantly diminish or disappear all-together, the blushing and shaky voice that embarrasses you when you're nervous or self-conscious

  • Remove the self-doubt that comes with new situations or speaking your mind

  • If any of those are things you’ve dreamt of doing but have had no idea where to start... I have some good news for you...

I'm thrilled to tell you that my course will help you accomplish all of that! It's called...

Rewired: The Inside-Out Approach to Mastering Shyness and Social Anxiety

For those that have tried other things and are looking for a NOVEL approach to social anxiety. When you are through, you will see and relate to yourself and anxiety in a whole new way.
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Take a peek at what's inside the course...

  • 1


    • Welcome to The Course!

    • Introduction

    • Objectives For This Course

    • Schedule For This Course

    • Let's Get To Know Each Other!

    • Before We Begin...

  • 2

    Module 1: Understanding Ourselves: How We Got Here

    • Lesson 1: An Introduction to Temperament, Personality, and Character

    • Lesson 2: Aspects of Personality: The CORE self, DEVELOPED self, and CONTEXTUAL self

    • Lesson 3: Defining Introversion, Shyness, and Social Anxiety

    • Where are you?

    • Social Anxiety Self Assessment

    • Taking Stock

    • Avoidant Behaviors

    • EXTRA CREDIT: The Cure for Shyness (YouTube video with Michael Neill)

    • EXTRA CREDIT: How not be SHY (podcast from The Life Coach School)

    • EXTRA CREDIT: How to Overcome Shyness and Social Anxiety (YouTube video from Project Life Mastery)

    • Module 1 Feedback

  • 3

    Module 2: Exposing the Primitive Brain: Your Brain on Fear

    • Lesson 1: The "Three Brains" Responsible for How We Think, Feel and Behave

    • Lesson 2: Brain Chemistry: The Role of Neurotransmitters in Thinking, Feeling and Behaving

    • Lesson 3: Brain Chemistry: The Role of Neurotransmitters in Thinking, Feeling and Behaving - Part 2

    • Lesson 4: The Self- Deception Model: How We Think, Feel and Behave on Auto-Pilot

    • Homework: Question Your Brain!

    • Homework: Using Your PFC To Reduce Anxiety

    • Identifying Core Beliefs

    • Disproving Core Beliefs

    • The Self-Deception Model PDF

    • Interpretation Log

    • Module 2 Feedback

  • 4

    Module 3: Getting to the Root of our Motivations

    • Lesson 1: The Biological Purpose of Life: Understanding The Motivational Triad

    • Lesson 2: The Conscious, Subconscious and Unconscious Mind

    • Lesson 3: Cognitive Distortions, The Self-Concept and The Mechanisms of Defense

    • How to Disrupt Automatic Negative Thoughts

    • Just The Facts

    • Module 3 Feedback

  • 5

    Mid-Point Wrap Up & BREAK Week

    • Mid-Point Wrap Up - Part 1

    • Get Out of Your Comfort Zone and Do Something That Scares You!

    • Mid-Point Wrap Up - Part 2

  • 6

    Module 4: Transcending Negative Emotions

    • Lesson 1: The 50/50 Concept of Feelings/Emotions

    • The FEELINGS List

    • EXTRA CREDIT: Why You Feel What You Feel (Alan Watkins)

    • Lesson 2: CBT: The Most Effective Cure

    • The Most Effective Cure - CBT Handout

    • Lesson 3: The Self Coaching Model

    • The Self-Coaching Model Handout

    • Module 4 Feedback

  • 7

    Module 5: Your Path to the Evolved Brain

    • Lesson 1: The Self and The Non-Self

    • Lesson 2: The Witness, Observer & Watcher Lesson

    • Lesson 3: The Self-Expression Model

  • 8

    Module 6: Staying the Course: Your Path to Success

    • Lesson 1: Where Life Really Happens

    • Lesson 2: Living Life with Power & Presence

    • Lesson 3: Daily Practices to Guarantee Success

  • 9

    BONUS Course: Self-Confidence For Quiet People

In this course you will learn...

  • How to develop an unshakable self-confidence and feel completely secure in who you are—no matter who you are, what your upbringing was, or what life circumstances you've had to experience so far

  • How to manage stress (in a healthy way) and overcome anxiety once and for all so that you can feel peaceful and at ease (even in situations that once made you uncomfortable)

  • How to triumph over self-doubt and smash limiting beliefs before they even have times to take root in your mind

  • How to harness the incredible power of your mind, so that it becomes your best friend instead of your worst enemy

  • My 6 Secret Steps to developing unshakable self-confidence

  • Learn my best techniques for erasing worries, doubts, and fears in an instant!

Lifetime Access

You will be able to review the video lectures at your leisure indefinitely and have lifetime access to all materials

What You'll Receive...

  • 18 Intensive Video Training Lessons & 6 Live Weekly Coaching Calls

    PLUS, the FREE BONUS Course: Self-Confidence for Quiet People

  • Interactive Handouts & Worksheets

    To help you retain and benefit the most, from the material you're getting

  • End of Lesson Feedback Surveys & Ability to Interact with Instructor

    To ensure your understanding of the content, make comments, give feedback and get your questions answered

Module 1

Understanding Ourselves: How We Got Here

Aristotle said: "Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom" and I'd like to add that 'understanding yourself is the key to alleviating the pain associated with social anxiety'. This module will take you back in time but you will learn that you are not as STUCK as you may sometimes feel.

Module 2

Exposing the Primitive Brain: Your Brain on Fear

Did you know that most of our decisions and actions are made on autopilot without using the more evolved part of your brain? In this module,​ we expose how the primitive brain holds us back and better understand what it looks and feels like on FEAR...

Module 3

Getting to the Root of Our Motivations

If you don't know what really drives your day to day motivation and decision-making, you will learn all about it here. Plus you will learn how to consciously and deliberately use your brain to create the peace of mind and results you desire.

Module 4

Transcending Negative Emotions

Feelings drive ALL behavior. If you have a habit of avoiding, suppressing or denying them, you are likely not only making decisions that move you away from what you want but from who you really are. Here, you will learn effective ways to manage all negative emotions.

Module 5

Your Path to the Evolved Brain

Self-awareness is the KEY to Transformation. You weren't born defective and social anxiety is neither a defect or something that is part of your being. In this module, you will learn about a model for connecting to your TRUE essential nature and CORE ESSENCE. You will also learn about the most effective tools to use to coach yourself to success.

Module 6

Staying the Course: Your Path to Success

If you want your life to change, you must be willing to invest in yourself. What that means is that you commit the time, energy and attention that is required for better health and well-being. In this module, you will learn how to guarantee success as you overcome social anxiety and step into your anxiety-free, goal-oriented life.

BONUS Course

Self-Confidence for Quiet People

In this BONUS Course, you'll learn the 4 skills of confident people, the one fundamental TRUTH and foundational quality of SUCCESS, why your genetics don't define how confident you can ever be and what self-confidence is NOT!

I'll share with you my secrets steps for navigating your "emotional roller-coaster," using your brain power to overcome negative emotions, how to beat "perception deception", and have ACCESS to immediate, UNSHAKABLE, self-confidence.

You'll learn why confidence isn't something just accessible to a lucky few, but both a skill and a decision that can be mastered very quickly without spending years in therapy or personal development!

So, are you ready to say "no" to living with anxiety, and "yes" to life?

If you're ready to...

  • Tackle social anxiety get an extra dose of self-confidence

  • Try a NEW approach because you're fed up with other methods that haven't worked

  • Put a STOP to the incessant thoughts that have kept you feeling paralyzed

  • Finally have the confidence and self-belief to pursue (and finish) the goals that you previously abandoned

  • Get past your fear or nervousness of things like public speaking, and feel like you finally have the courage to embark on new endeavors

  • Then you're in the right place!

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Still not completely sure if this course is right for you or not?

This course is PERFECT for you if you want to learn how to...

  • Vocalize Your Viewpoints and Opinions, and Feel Heard

  • Break Free from The Opinions of Others

  • Remove the Fear of Shining "Too" Brightly

  • Discover a Newfound Courage and Confidence

  • Feel Secure, Anchored, and Confident in Who You Are

  • Form Deeper and More Meaningful and Authentic Relationships with Those Around You

  • Step Into Your Most Confident Self by Learning How to Coach Yourself

  • Develop the Self-Love and Acceptance Toward Yourself That You Never Had Before

  • Shine as the Star That You Are

Don't let another day go by with you still living with anxiety by your side.

It's time to rewire your brain and say "sayonara" to the doubts and fears that have kept you feeling trapped and limited.

  • $497.00

    Are you ready to tell anxiety to hit the road and "beat it"?

    I'm ready!

What others are saying about REWIRED...

"I can't say enough good things about REWIRED..."

Brigitte Bell

Having struggled with social anxiety pretty much all my life, this course was a major eye-opener and refresher for me, filled with many "ah-ha!" moments. It was so amazing to be reminded by Nancy that I have so much more power over my thoughts and emotions than I truly realize (or often, tend to forget) and that making simple shift in my thoughts can have a dramatic impact on my feelings.

I can't say enough good things about "Rewired" and about working with Nancy as my coach. Thank you Nancy, truly for what you do. From the bottom of my heart, you are truly an amazing coach and teacher!

If anyone is "on the fence" about joining her course, my advice to you would be to "just do it!" You'll learn lessons that will not just help you overcome social anxiety and develop confidence, but tools that you can carry with you throughout the rest of your life!

"I have a whole new understanding of introverts..."

Vicky Hartwell-Ivins

I originally took this course to better understand my daughter’s introverted nature. So many conversations and interactions that come so naturally to me are very difficult for her. I have watched her in the past and tried to help her but, I don’t think I was able to truly feel or understand what it was like for her.

What I learned is that Nancy not only gives clients the tools they need to grow and enjoy their lives, but she is an inspiration herself. She has lived it and is a shining example of what is possible. She is very knowledgable in the field of neuroscience and is authentic, real and approachable. Nancy does not ‘sugar coat’ the world and makes it CLEAR to us that some discomfort is in store for introverts to effectively deal with their obstacles.

More importantly, she makes it clear that the discomfort is so worth it, in order to achieve dreams and goals. I have a whole new understanding of introverts and feel better equipped to support my daughter without trying to “fix” her.

"I found courage I didn't know I had!"

Eileen Mendel

I am definitely an introvert and value my alone time. However, I have been my own worst enemy, holding myself back from living to my full potential.

Taking this course helped me consciously recognize how I was holding myself back, blaming myself, and not allowing myself to express my feelings. This gave me the ability to change my actions and give myself permission to get out of my comfort zone and stretch myself to another level.

After taking the course, I decided to book a vacation by myself to Cancun (something I feared and waited four years to do!) Moreover, I went on four adventurous excursions while I was there and met so many interesting people from all over the world. This is something I would never do.

I found courage, I didn't know I had! Being far from home with complete strangers and being authentically myself created many emotional and physical releases. I felt freedom, at peace, and happy!

Nancy has put together a very comprehensive and yet practical course on the physiology, psychology, and mental aspects of behavior and beyond.

Don't let your shyness or anxiety control you a moment longer.

It's time to stop playing small. If you've allowed shyness or anxiety to keep you living limited up until this point, today is a good day to say "no more!"

Get started now


  • Who is REWIRED for?

    Rewired: The Inside-Out Approach to Mastering Shyness and Social Anxiety is for anyone ready to kick their anxieties to the curb. It doesn't matter your age, sex, or what you look like; ALL of us deal with worries and anxieties from time to time. But if social anxiety, nervousness, and worrisome thoughts have taken a greater toll on your life than you would like them to; then this course is the perfect opportunity for you to learn the skills to "Rewire" your brain into a more calm, at-ease, and relaxed one!

  • How long will the course take to complete?

    This course includes 6 modules and includes 6 live calls, both spread over the course of 7 weeks. There will be a break week after module 3 where there will be no module or call. Each module takes approximately one hour of your time to complete. But you will get the MOST out of this course if you don't relate to it as "work" or "task" or "to-do". This work is life-changing if you allow it. Instead, relate to it as the "access" to your freedom and success.

  • Do I get lifetime access to the course?

    Yes! The course is yours to keep--forever! So you can go through the modules at your own speed and whenever you'd like. There's no rush or time crunch in which you must complete them (but during the 'LIVE' call, it may help to review the videos before it). This course is meant for you to review as often as you desire to further cement your learning.

Ready to get started?

Good! Cant wait! See you on the other side.

I'm in!

Meet Your Instructor

Nancy Hauschildt

Nancy Hauschildt, founder of Haus of Coaching LLC, is a life, leadership, and personal development coach, Registered Nurse, and cancer survivor.

She is a self-professed life-long-socially-anxious-card-carrying-introvert-turned-ultra-confident-introvert-coach.

She is passionate about helping quiet, shy or socially anxious people come out of hiding, be seen, heard and remembered.

She also works with introverted women-preneurs authentically increase their visibility, expand their credibility and upgrade their influence by unleashing their natural skills and talents, communicating effectively, networking more powerfully and owning their introversion as a strength and superpower!